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c/o BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

Am Klopferspitz 19 a

82152 Martinsried, Germany


Executive commitee of m4 Personalisierte Medizin e.V.:

Dr. Sven Hoffmeyer

Dr. Hanns-Georg Klein (deputy chairman)

Prof. Dr. Christian Peschel

Prof. Dr. Thomas Werner (chairman) 

Amtsgericht München; Register number VR205840

Tel: +49 89 81 88 92 52

Fax: +49 89 81 88 92 52




Responsible for content (§10 Absatz 3 MDStV): Prof. Dr. Thomas Werner  



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Liability Limitation


We do not accept any liabilities for lack of actuality, completeness, or precision of the content of this web-site, although all content is carefully checked upon entry into tour web-site. Any responsibility or liability for external pages or links to these pages rests exclusively with the publishers of this web-site and the association for Personalized Medicine does not accept any of these liabilities. The content of the blogs represents exclusively the opinion of the authors or the responders and not the position of the association. As we cannot guarantee constant monitoring of the blogs, problematic content could remain there till the association is alerted to the fact. 


General Terms of Usage, February 10, 2022  


Any access to these pages is subject to the General Terms of Usage. In case you do not agree you may not use these pages or any content within. The association for Personalized Medicine publishes this web-site to promote exchange of information in the field of Personalized Medicine. The association reserves all rights to amend or change the General Terms of Usage at any time without prior notice. Please make sure you are aware of the latest version when visiting our web-site.


The association for Personalized Medicine publishes the content as provided by the respective authors in its blog pages. Te association reserves the right to change, shorted or entirely delete any contribution in case of offending content. The same applies to comments left on the web-site.

The association for Personalized Medicine is not liable for any damage including damage to persons resulting from any usage of this web-site or its content unless the association has caused such damages intentionally. This also applies to any modification of this web-site carried out by third parties or the transfer of computer viruses.


The association for Personalized Medicine cannot guarantee continuous availability of its web-site and may be forced to temporarily deny access.


This web-site is consuetude according to German law. Compliance with legal requirements in other countries cannot be guaranteed.


4. Privacy Policy (DSGVO)


The association for Personalized Medicine respects and observes legal requirements for privacy especially the provisions of the Datenschutzgrundverordnung (DSGVO), whic8h were implemented as as follows:



 The association m4 Personalisierte Medizin e.V does not have any employees of its own. All functions of the association are fulfilled on a voluntary, i.e. honorary, basis.  Therefore the association reserves the right to  contract an agency to take care of all  business requirements. This includes collection and handling of all personal data the association receives. This includes personal data of members as well as all data from email contacts or public events where people oft for information. Therefore, our contracted agency is also charged with overseeing and application of all legal data protection and privacy requirements, especially the new regulations of the DSGVO. . 


Acquisition of general data


Access to our web-site is possible without revealing personal data. Our website is hosted by STRATO and a "Auftragsverarbeitungs"-contract according to the provisions of the DGSVO has been established with this provider. However, by accessing the web-site some data is automatically collected and temporarily saved:


  • The domain and host, from which the web-site is accessed
  • The IP-address of your computer
  • Time and duration of access to our web-site
  • The amount of data transferred
  • Selection and duration of visit to individual pages
  • Operating System and Browser-Version used
  • The IP-address in case you reach our site by a link


We reserve the right to statistical analysis of this data in order to improve usability of our web-site. Any external partners are required top abide by the same privacy Policy and to delete any of this data after their analysis.


4. Usage of personal data of registered members of the association


(1) Personal data are your identity, address, email address, phone number, or birthday. Such data are only collected upon registration as a member of when you request information by email from the association.


(2) Personal data remain within the association according to its bylaws. The are only revealed if forced by the law or a direct court order.


You will find all contact coordinates on our “Contact” page.

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