How does the m4 Personalized Medicine Association contribute?


The association aims to facilitate access to  the terminology and understanding of personalised medicine. Based on this we want to support further development of personalised medicine by:


  • Regular public lectures and discussions where experts explain aspects of personalised medicine in a generally understandable form. 
  • Support of an interdisciplinary network of experts and representatives from then public, politics, industry, and media.
  • References and links to more specialised medical information suitable for healthy people as well as patients right in our home page.
  • Supporting young scientists by helping to establish specialised research grants for personalised medicine 
  • Fostering of interdisciplinary approaches
  • Regular meetings and dissemination of information among members, integration into pertinent science networks and targeted invitations to events especially for members.



We stand united to promote awareness for public and
individual health



What is our vision for personalised medicine?


Progress in the digital world increasingly becomes a prerequisite for revolutionary changes in diagnostics and therapy. 


Personalised medicine will constantly increase utilising the biological, life-style dependent features in order to prevent or delay diseases and the connected therapies, maybe even by decades. Already today hundreds of genes are examined in case of cancer cases to allow highly effective personalised treatments. Both requires databases and algorithms empowering medical doctors to personalise consulting of their patients. Prevention as well as therapy will be based mainly on personalised health data for each person. Demonstrated success of this approach will fuel  and support the parallel development of ethical and legal regulation.


Modern Medicine is MMedicine for everyone