What is Personalized Medicine?


Personalised medicine promotes the development of preventive and therapeutic procedures tailored for each individual person.


Personalised medicine aims to understand relevant differences in biology and personal environments of individuals. This shall ensure medical coverage in a tailor-made manner. The "digital age" and broad (but well-controlled) accessibility of research patient data is pivotal for success. This goes along with better diagnostics and treatments as well as with new research results effecting patients as well as society in general.


What can Personalized Medicine do?


Personalized Medicine seeks solutions that fit each of us individually.

It can:

  •  shift the emphasis in medicine from reaction to prevention
  • include patients and their life style more directly
  • support selection of effective therapies
  • reduce amount and severity of side effects 
  • Reduce cost and suffering caused by inadequate therapies 
  • enable a more active life of people, spending less time as patients


Personalized medicine contributes to increasing the quality of life


How does Personalized Medicine develop?


Personalized Medicine is no ready-to-use product. Additional efforts are required in order to serve patients best. We humans are essentially the central focus of all medical efforts and especially in personalised medicine..


Personalized Medicine develops based on gaining new knowledge, new technologies, and advanced drugs. New knowledge incorporates personal attributes regardless whether they are genetic, come from the environment or come by life-style. However, this process depends critically on our personal contributions. We have the power to provide informations to personalised medicine as we see it fit. IN order to allow everybody to benefit from such developments we must allow access by qualified people to our personal data.
Here are the major players in the field:

  • Science 
  • Industry
  • Medical doctors and clinics
  • Health care providers
  • Patients and patient representatives
  • Politics, legislation, and regulations
  • Ethics and religions


Modern Medicine is MMedicine for everyone