Creating New Blog entries

Each blog entry offers the opportunity for unlimited commenting.


New blog entries can only be created by the administrative office and the executive committee. There are technical (requires administrator level) and legal reasons for that. The executive committee in general and the chairman personally have to assume responsibility for everything appearing on our website, blog entries included. See Impressum.


Therefore, we will handle blog entries as follows:


  1. Any entry for the internal blog (members only) shall be sent to Mrs. Bach and she will post the entry under the name of the author, provided there is no legally forbidden content, which is close to impossible with our members. 
  2. Any blog entry for the public blog should also be sent to Mrs. Bach or myself directly. We well do a quick editorial check of these submissions since they will contribute to the outside presentation of the association and we are responsible for the content anyway. I checked with my colleagues from the executive committee before initiating my PM blog. For the time being I will assume the function of the editor for all public blog entries. 

We would be pleased if many members take advantage of the procedure described above  as this will keep our web site alive. 

Thomas Werner, chairman of the executive committee
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