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Personalized Medicine is a relatively new field joining molecular biology, computer science, information technology, and medicine. The overarching aim is to optimize consulting, diagnosis, and treatment based on the individual characteristics of each patient (or sometimes patient group). 


I am currently the chairman of the association m4 Personalized Medicine and we defined it as our goal to support the essential discussion of personalized medicine aiming to foster a consensus regarding some key issues in our society. This includes scientists and specialists but should ideally also include ethics, health care providers, and patients.


However, the basic knowledge, explanations of the circulating terms, as well as hard facts about pilot projects and other things are currently spread over the internet. All accessible in principle, but sometimes hard to find, apparently contradictory in part, and entirely unordered. I will try in this blog to collect and explain the most common terms simultaneously adding them to a framework hopefully facilitating understanding. There is no doubt that this will be a collection biased by my personal knowledge and experience, some things might even be missing entirely. That is the reason why this in my personal blog and neither the association nor any other individual has to assume any responsibility for the content. This is absolutely intended as this blog is meant as a mere starting point for a targeted discussion, and by leaving comments that contribute to the overall aim everybody can help to shape this into a more common consensus. 


The blog will be published every Friday each week, except for a few breaks.  It will appear in its own location marked in the menu as “TW’s PM Blog E” (only this announcement is published on the other blog pages as well). It is published in parallel in German and English as it is placed on the publicly accessible part of our web page. This English version is no direct translation from the German text but I intend to adapt it to international aspects wherever I see this fit. 


What’s coming up next?


Next week the first part of the introduction will be published

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